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how to earn money in Stock Market?

The stock market can be a great place to make money quickly, as it has the potential for high returns on investment. However, it is important to note that, without proper knowledge of how the stock market works, you could also end up losing money.

Many people come to the stock market with the hope of making money, but some people end up losing money because they don’t have the knowledge or understanding of how to make money in the stock market.

We will show you the right way how to earn money in the stock market. But before we get started, it is important to first understand what the stock market is.


The stock market is a public venue where institutional investors and individuals come together to buy and sell shares. There are many types of financial instruments to trade like bonds, stock, mutual funds, derivatives, and shares, etc.

The stock market is the very best place to make a profit. but it is also risky. if you want to make money through the stock market, So Here are some ideas to help you to earn in the stocks market. BASIC KNOWLEDGE OF THE STOCK MARKETEvery investor, who invests in the stock market should have a basic knowledge of the market. The stock market is very dynamic, you can see changes day by day. If you don’t know about this market so, do not invest in this market. 



Invest a very small amount of your capital because sometimes, investors invest them all amount and loss, because If you want to earn money so you have to be patient that’s why it is important to invest 1% or 2% of your capital in one Stock .

Always invest in a diversified portfolio because it helps to manage your risk. It is possible that you invest in that company, that company is underperforming, so in that condition, you make a loss. but if you invest in a diverse portfolio, you will safe. By diversifying a portfolio across asset classes, you can help earn optimum returns with minimum risk. The kind and level of diversification can vary from investor to investor, and it can help cope up with volatility, something that is part and parcel of the stock market.


Invest only not much profitable than if you invest regular basic (in a year or month). By making regular contributions you can save many amounts and also you can maximize your returns. If you want to earn money, so that is very important. you can start now because time is very important for us. Let’s go back to our retirement example above only this time, instead of making a 1,00,000 deposit and forgetting about it, let’s say you contributed 1,00,000 a year (this comes out to less than 2000 per week). If you started making those annual contributions at age 20, you’d have saved about 26,88,00,000 by the time you celebrated your 70th birthday. 


Investors earn money in the share market by holding on to their stocks for the long term. How long, is a long-term holding for investors? Warren Buffett buys stocks to hold them forever. I personally prefer holding on to my stock for at least 3 years. But for speculators, the target is to make money by holding stocks for the shortest possible time. If they can book profits within a day, that is ideal. The idea should be, buy such stocks which you can hold on to forever. Example: Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc. Let these stocks remain idle in your investment portfolio for a minimum of 3 years.


Many traders invest in the stock market when they are influenced by someone, avoid that thing when you are ready to invest, then invest. Sometimes treaders copy to anyone, If someone invests in any particular stock and he got profit, so some traders try to invest that stocks and shares. Avoid such practices and make your own strategy and then invest.


One way to help maximize profit is to set a stop loss for each intraday trade. Depending on how much risk the trader is willing to take on and how volatile the stock is, they can decide what percentage stop loss to apply.


This step is very crucial. Without proper research, nothing else matters. You need to find out whether your chosen company is worth buying or not. You need to check the following points before making a decision:-
1. Is the company profitable?
2. Does the company pay dividends?
3. Are the earnings increasing?
4. Is the management team competent enough?
5. Has the company got a strong brand name?

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It is a fact that stock market is a risky business. It is volatile in nature and the prices of stocks go up and down. In order to be successful in Stock Market, you need to invest at the right time and follow the right trading strategies. If you want to invest in Stock Market, you should hire a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser like us to guide you. Our  SEBI Registered Investment Adviser will help you to invest in the right stocks at the right time.

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