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Intraday Trading

Intraday Nifty Options Calls

Intraday Options Advisory Services

This Basic Plan is for Small options Traders who want to trade in Index Options but with low risk , such as 2000/- or 3000/- per day.

As you know, Banknifty always shows massive movement compared to Nifty, which is why trading in Banknifty Option trading is more profitable than Nifty, but the risk is also high, That is why we provide you the intraday bank nifty options calls based on your Risk Profile in our Premium Plan .

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Nifty Option Calls Provider in India

Why Should You Trade /Invest in Nifty Options ?

The Important factor in Options is that you can trade with minimal capital and still earn a very high return on the invested capital, even though sometimes, 50% to 100% profit is also possible on a trending day. Still, it is rare and needs authentic research about the strike rate and timing.

In Index options such as Nifty or Banknifty Call, also called CE and Put Options ( PE ), new traders can trade with minimal risks, such as 1000/- to 3000/- risk per day. Once you use small capital, you are not worrying about losing a significant amount of money. We mainly trade in the money strike price. You can watch our Performance and understand how it is easy to manage the trade with low risk.

Features of Index Options Advisory Service

  • 1 -3 Intraday Nifty option Calls*
  • If the Market is volatile, we may avoid giving you the calls with higher risk.
  • These are 100% intraday calls, so there is no overnight position.
  • Only Buy Above type calls ( for example, if we have told you to buy Nifty CE/PE options above 200 ( Entry price), then it will be trading around 190 so that you will get the time for easy entry. )
  • Options Messages will be sent by WhatsApp  Only.
  • The Shortest possible Stoploss will be provided as it is better not to trade than to use a big stoploss in the stock market.
  • For Example: Buy Banknifty 37000 W PE above 530 SL 480 T 560,700,1400 (other advisors may give the SL of 400 or 350 in this type of call)
  • You will get 3 Targets and one Stoploss ( as it is very important to book partial profits in Intraday trading), as people who trade with a single target mostly miss the significant movement.
  • Most of the calls will be completed in the first two hours of the Market because the Market has a good movement therefore, we always try to capture it, so 9 AM to 11 AM are crucial hours for trading in options , that is why we are one of the Registered bank nifty option advisor in India.
  • We do not provide OPTIONS WRITING / Options selling type calls as they require a very high margin, and risk is also high.
  • This plan does not include the NSE Future calls and these are based on technical analysis
  • *The number and nature of the call also depend upon the risk profile of the trader.
  • Please fill out the risk profile form so that we can analyze the suitability, as it is the mandatory step for SEBI Registered Investment Advisers.
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Benefits of Option Trading Calls

  • Shortest Possible Stoploss will be provided in Nifty Option trading Calls.
  •  We will follow up on the call until it is completed.
  • We may also provide you with some Important Levels for Nifty & Bank Nifty on Important Trading days, calls as expiry or any special event day.
  • We give both entry Messages and profit booking Message Or exit Messages etc.
  • You should have low brokerage to get more profits from the same call to save your hard-earned income. That is why we will prefer you to have a discount broker, 
  • you can open an account with any broker of your choice, as we do not have any tie up with any broker.
  • This plan contains only option trading calls, and no stock futures calls will be provided.
  • We avoid giving calls in stock option trading calls in this plan as stock options  (call put)  do not have liquidity.

Advantages and Benefits of Options Trading

  • You can Hedge your Portfolio using options in the share market
  • Very Small Capital is required to trade options, which is the most significant advantage of Options trading.
  • For taking a position in the Nifty future, you will have to pay a margin of approximately 1 lac, although it depends on your broker, whereas taking the position of Nifty options will cost you around 10000/-.
  • Suppose you buy the XYZ Strike Price ( Rate ) of nifty options with the latest trading price of 100/- then you can buy this in just 100 x 50 = 5000/- only.
  • So your maximum risk is only 5000/- ( if you do not place any Stoploss) , and the profitability is unlimited ( if Stoploss is 90, then your risk is only 10 X 50 = 500/- per lot ).
INR 10,000 + GST
  • 1-3 Calls Daily
  • 100% Intraday Trading Calls
  • Free Strategies
  • Free Software
1 Month
INR 15,000 + GST
  • 1-3 Calls Daily
  • 100% Intraday Trading Calls
  • Free Strategies
  • Free Software
3 Months
INR 35,000
  • GST Included
  • 1-3 Calls Daily
  • 100% Intraday Trading Calls
  • Free Strategies
  • Free Software
frequently asked questions

 What is Intraday Options Trading?

 Intraday Options Trading involves buying and selling options contracts within the same trading day. Options are financial derivatives that give you the right (but not the obligation) to buy (call option) or sell (put option) a specific stock at a predetermined price (strike price) on or before a specified date (expiry date).

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