Internationally Certified Technical Analyst Registered with SEBI, PFRDA, FPSB, NISM, IFTA, MTA USA

Certified Market Technician (CFTe) Certified Market Technician (CFTe) From International Federation of Technical Analysts

Chartered Market Technician II (CMT II) From Market Technician Association MTA USA Certified Financial Planner (CFP) The Highest Standard Qualification for Financial Planning From Financial Planning Standard Board ( FPSB USA & INDIA )

Hire our Financial Advisor for Intraday advisory or Long term portfolio

SEBI Registered Investment Adviser Genuine stock Advisor Authorised by National & International Authorities

If you are looking for SEBI Registered Investment Adviser in India , then you should also filter out them and find out the qualifications of your advisor , Our adviser is  Internationally certified in  Technical Analyses as well as in fundamental analysis, Lots of International Certifications such as CFTe (Certified Market Technician) from International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA) & CMT  (Chartered Market Technician II) from MTA USA ( Market Technician Association) , Certified Financial Planner (CFP) from FPSB India, Registered with SEBI, PFRDA , NISM.

We are providing these recommendations for Intraday , Short term, and Long Term . You can Hire our Financial Advisor and take the consultation for Financial Planning , Portfolio Advisory too .

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Intraday Trading

Strategies & Basic Rules

Always follow these 10 Golden Rules for Intraday Trading.

Do not trade on gut feelings or on rumors and do not deal with unregistered Advisers, always take calculated risks and trade without emotions.

  • Always work with SEBI Registered Investment Adviser
  • Use Small Stoploss and Higher Profitable Calls.
  • Use Less Number of calls but of Higher Accuracy.
  • Avoid overtrading
  • Trade with a disciplined approach
  • Keep an eye on the news
  • Manage your risk
  • Be prepared for volatility
  • Control your emotions.
10 golden rules for stock market tips
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Trade with a disciplined approach with SEBI RIA like us

Remember , if you are using the service from  a Fake Financial Advisor that can cost you heavily , they can provide the losses more than their subscription Fee. But choosing a Registered Investment Adviser is the best way to save your hard earned money.

We help clients to plan their investments as per their risk appetite and make sure that the investors have a safe and secure future.We have to follow the regulations and guidelines set by SEBI, which is a regulatory body for the stock markets.

The importance of using an RIA is that we will be able to help you trade more effectively. We always provide the  advice after a complete research and rational view.

Plan Entry & Exit in Advance

Before you start intraday trading, make a trading plan that includes your entry and exit points, stop-loss orders, and profit targets.

We always provide you Entry, Stoploss, and Target in advance so that you can plan your trades perfectly And you get our calls before it triggers , suppose you have to enter above 100 , you will get our call when it will be trading around 90-95 so that you can get some time for easy entry.

Manage Risk - Money Management

Use stop-loss orders to minimize your losses and ensure that you have a risk-reward ratio of at least 1:2.

There is a lot of risk involved in the trading world. But there is also a lot of potential for profit. The way to keep things safe is to have a risk-reward ratio of at least 1:2. What this means is if you make 5% profit, you should have a maximum loss of 2%. Many experts agree that stop-loss orders are the best way to keep your risk-reward ratio in check. A stop-loss order is when you buy a stock at a specific price and sell it if it reaches a certain level. This limits how much you lose if the stock goes down and ensures you won’t lose more than your original investment.

That is the reason we always use SMALLEST POSSIBLE STOPLOSS in our trading style. 

Keep an eye on the News

Keep yourself updated with the latest market news and economic events that can impact stock prices.

If you want to be successful in trading, it is vital that you stay updated with current events. You can find out a lot of news on the internet or even on the radio. Keep up with international, national, and local news alike. Find out how political and business figures, weather patterns, and major news events can all affect the market. Try not to obsess over the latest news. You can even subscribe to some news websites to get the updates right to your email , you can also subscribe to our newsletter to be updated with latest news and breaking news about Indian stock market.

Control Your Emotions

Do not let your emotions drive your trading decisions. Be objective and follow your trading plan.

Emotions are, understandably, a part of trading. But they shouldn’t be the main driving force behind a decision to buy or sell. In order to trade successfully, you need to set a trading plan or use our expert advice to trade. A plan is a set of rules and guidelines that you follow to ensure that you don’t make rash decisions.

It’s difficult to remain objective about your emotions. We are all human, which means we are all susceptible to emotions. It’s not a terrible thing if you feel happy, angry or sad about the market – but it can be if those emotions make you act irrationally. The best thing you can do is to make sure you’re thinking with an objective mind. When you’re in a trade, it’s best to be emotionally detached. Don’t let what you want the trade to do get in the way of the trade doing what it’s supposed to do. Be rational and stick to your plan or our given trading levels.

Avoid Overtrading

Do not trade too frequently, as it can lead to increased transaction costs and lower profits. That is why we always concentrate on Less number of calls but of High Quality and Highly Potential Stocks.

One of the main mistakes people make when they first begin trading is overtrading. Overtrading is trading too frequently, and can lead to a number of problems. The most obvious problem is the increased transaction costs. When a trader is overtrading, they are making many, small trades. Therefore, they have to pay transaction costs for each trade. If a trader is only making a few trades each day, it may not be a big deal. However, if they are making many trades per day, it can add up quickly. Overtrading can also decrease profits of trades. When a trader is making many trades, they are often making trades that are too small. Overtrading leads to high frequency trading. High frequency trading can be very risky, as it is hard to predict what the stock will do in the next instant and it can lead to large losses

Be prepared for volatility

Intraday trading in stock market can be volatile , This means prices fluctuate rapidly and it can be challenging to determine which way the market is going to go. If you’re going to invest in stocks, you need to be prepared for volatility and sudden price moves. When you trade with us.

We always avoid trading in Volatile Sessions that is the main reason you should start trading with us otherwise you may get trapped in Volatality and lose a lot of money too

Use Technical Analysis

Use technical analysis tools to identify trends, support, resistance levels, and momentum indicators.You can learn Technical Analysis from Us .

Technical Analysis is a method of determining whether a security (such as a stock, commodity, foreign exchange currency, or futures contract) is overbought or oversold.

Technical analysis is a method for evaluating securities by analyzing statistics based on trading activity, such as past prices, volume and volatility. The idea is that the collective behavior of market participants influences the value of a security.Most of the time it is also used to determine whether a security (such as a stock, commodity, foreign exchange currency, or futures contract) is overbought or oversold.

Our Investment Adviser is Highly Qualified in Technical Analyses as well as in fundamental analysis and has a degree of CFTe from International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA) & CMT II from MTA USA, CFP from FPSB India, Registered with SEBI, PFRDA , NISM.

Join our Technical Analysis Course today and Learn all these strategies in a very easy to understand language. 

5 Advantages of Intraday Trading:

Intraday trading provides numerous advantages, including the opportunity to make quick profits, lower risks, flexibility and control, quick feedback and learning opportunities, and low capital requirements. However, intraday trading also comes with its own set of challenges, such as high volatility and the need for discipline and focus. As with any type of trading, it is important to conduct proper research, develop a solid trading strategy, and manage risk carefully or trade with A SEBI Registered Investment Adviser.

Trade from Anywhere

One of the main advantages is that you can trade from any where in the world, you can trade from the sea beaches or in the comfort of your home, office, college, you can trade while you travel too. That is why it is an ideal option for those who want to trade on the go. To do this, you’ll need to have a broker and a demat account / trading account, who will allow you to trade during the day.

Intraday Trading may become 2nd Source of Income

Intraday trading provides an opportunity to make quick profits in a short amount of time but also has higher degree of risk. Since intraday traders aim to take advantage of small price movements, they can make multiple trades in a single day, leading to potential profits but on the other hand they miss the risk management , therefore Trading Expert like our SEBI RIA / TECHNICAL ANALYST can use various trading strategies to identify profitable opportunities and make quick trades to capitalize on them with proper risk management.

No Overnight Risk

Intraday trading involves lower risks compared to traditional investing. This is because intraday traders do not hold positions overnight, which reduces the risk of being exposed to unexpected market events, such as earnings reports, political events, or global economic news. Intraday traders can also use stop-loss orders to minimize losses, which is not possible in traditional investing.

Flexibility and Control

Intraday trading provides flexibility and control to traders. Traders can choose their own trading strategies and set their own trading rules. They can also monitor their positions in real time and make quick decisions based on market movements and our Investment adviser remain online on whatsapp in market hours so that you can ask any query directly without any problem.  

We Cover the Following Segments

Bank Nifty Options advisor

Nifty + Banknifty Options Calls

We love to provide advice on  Index options such as Nifty options and Banknifty options calls for Intraday Traders as we do not keep the overnight position in options and we provide only long calls in options and avoid options writing as it require high margin as compare to options buying. so our USP is 

  • 100% Intraday  calls ( no overnight risk at all )
  • 100% Live Market (no pre market call)
  • Only long calls in options
banknifty options

Share Market advisory - Equity advisory

Only for Cash Market Traders

If you are a beginner then you should use this plan for the first few months in equity share calls , our  share market calls provider / stock market calls provider will provide you the share trading calls so that you will get a lot of practice and once you have got some experience then you can upgrade yourself for the Future & options as per your profile.

  • Only high-quality equity calls
  • 1-3 calls intraday stock calls
  • You can use Bracket orders and cover orders too
  • Cash market calls are easy to handle
  • Suitable for Beginners 
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future calls provider

Stock Market calls provider in Futures

100% Intraday Calls in Stock Futures

We provide  stock futures calls with the following features

  • Small stoploss 
  • 1-3 calls daily (as per your profile)
  • You can use Bracket orders for saving a lot of margins.
  • Always Trade with Highly Qualified intraday calls provider in India

MCX Commodity calls Provider

Gold , Silver , Crude Oil etc

This plan is only for High risk traders and who have more than 5 lakh and have some experience in Bullions trading, such as GOLD, SILVER etc.

  • All calls are for intraday
  • Gold, Silver, Nickel, Crude, Copper are included.
  • You will get proper entry , SL and Target Levels
mcx gold tips provider
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Index Futures

Nifty Future + Banknifty Futures

If you can trade with 2 lots minimum and have a high-risk appetite then you may be suitable for this plan.* Complete your Risk Profile Today.

  • All calls are intraday
  • Nifty and Banknifty both are included
  • Stock futures are not present in this plan
  • You will get proper entry , SL and Target Levels
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